Download Telegram Story which is the best and first telegram story downloader that is easy to use and helps you download high quality story telegram and with the fastest download speed, you can download telegram stories with username only.

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download telegram story

Our free telegram story downloader allows you to easily download and save any telegram story to your device in best quality.

You can quickly view the Telegram story of any user.Images and videos will be displayed with the best quality.

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how download telegram story ?

         STEP ONE :

Copy Telegram Username

Open telegram on your device, find the person you want to download, his/her story and open the chat , click on the name at the top right of the chat. Select the “username” and copy to clipboard.


download telegram story with username

         STEP TWO:


Open a web browser and search for


         STEP THREE:

Paste Telegram Username

 On the TgStory website, you’ll typically find a text box where you can paste the URL you copied. Right-click in the text box and select “Paste,” or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V (or Command+V on Mac) to paste the link or in phone hold the input and select paste .




         STEP FOUR:

Download Telegram Story

now by click/tap on download you can download telegram stories


Telegram Story Saver

Saving your Telegram story is indeed a great idea, but the time constraint of 24 hours can be frustrating. Luckily, our Story Saver has addressed these concerns and offers an excellent tool for effortlessly saving your Telegram stories. Why not give it a try? Enjoy the convenience of downloading your favorite stories without any hassle.

Telegram story download

I totally get the struggle of trying to save your Telegram Stories before they vanish in 24 hours. It can be quite a task, especially resorting to screenshotting and then organizing them somewhere. That’s why I’ve developed a tool to simplify the process of saving Telegram stories. Our Story Saver offers a straightforward solution for downloading Telegram stories, saving you valuable time. Trust me, I’ve been there countless times scrolling through my Telegram feed, wishing there was an easier way to preserve those stories.

Download telegram Stories Easily and Safely

In search of a trustworthy and secure method to view and save Telegram Stories? Look no further! provides a hassle-free online platform for downloading Telegram Stories, eliminating the need to sift through countless apps.

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This service is available to users for free and you can use this service without any restrictions.

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Questions & Answers about download Story from telegram

To download a Telegram story, simply enter the username of the person whose story you wish to view in the input box above, and then click on the download button. We will display the story of that person for all of you to see.

  1. Copy the username you wish to use.
  2. Open the website using the Safari browser.
  3. Navigate to the story download section.
  4. Paste the copied username into the designated box.
  5. Click on the "Download Story" button to proceed.
  1. Copy the username you wish to use.
  2. Open the tgstory website using the Chrome browser.
  3. Navigate to the story download section.
  4. Paste the copied username into the designated box.
  5. Click on the "Download" button to proceed.
  1. Begin by accessing the website using the updated browser.
  2. Navigate to the section designated for downloading stories.
  3. Input the username into the provided box.
  4. Click on the "Download" button to initiate the process.

We will not store any information in any way